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Brimfield, Mass. Braces For NYC Restaurateur Invasion

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The sleepy little town of Brimfield, Massachusetts (pop. 3,339) is bracing itself for an invasion of New York City designers and restaurant and bar owners. It's not for any kind of secret foodie gathering or the sudden availability of cheap vacation homes near the Berkshires. Today marks the beginning of the Brimfield Antiques Show, the largest antiques show in the entire country.

Picture a six-day extravaganza spread across 30 acres of New England countryside, filled with antiques, knickknacks, and garbage from thousands of the region's antique dealers. A collection like this obviously attracts throngs from New York City's hospitality industry who are looking for the perfect vintage pieces for their newest hipster projects, hoping to get them on the cheap and keep their source a secret. The show is held three times a year, and this week will have the best inventory while the last show generally offers the best prices. It's only a three hour drive, so what are you waiting for?
· Brimfield Antiques Show [Official Site]

Brimfield Antiques Show

1429 Main St, Palmer, MA 01069