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Tomorrow, Crown Heights Gets its Own $10 Coffee

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Last week, high end coffee connoisseurs and bodega blend drinkers alike balked at the news that Cafe Grumpy is currently serving a $12 cup of joe. But they are no longer alone. Starting tomorrow, six month-old Franklin Ave. coffee shop The Pulp & The Bean will start serving a 16 ounce $10 cup of coffee. That's right: $10 coffee in Crown Heights.

Sounds insane (really insane), but the shop's owner Tony Fisher tells Eater that he predicts it not only will do well with his customers—it will also draw coffee geeks out to the neighborhood. The blend, Ethiopian longberry mocha harrar, is only available certain times a year and according to Fisher, "In coffee circles this is considered the best coffee if not the second best out there. It's really incredible."

Well, coffee nutters: let us know how it is. Also, take that Breukelen Coffee House.
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The Pulp & The Bean

809 Franklin Ave., Brooklyn, NY

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