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Join the World's Greatest Whisky House

2010_05_JWLogo_SP.jpgThere are Scotch houses, there are Scotch Houses, and then there is The Scotch House. Johnnie Walker is the sole member of this last category. It's a whisky for discerning drinkers, people who don't walk into a bar and ask for "a whisky." They ask for Red Label, or Black Label, or Blue Label.

This month, the House of Walker is throwing a series of exclusive nights out for a hand-picked group. These private tastings will take place in the City and just across the river in Jersey City, and they'll be worth the trip. To learn more, you’ll have to join the House of Walker, where further perks await. So move quickly and sign up today. And then sit back and relax as the good life comes to your doorstep.