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Maloney & Porcelli Offers Free Booze to Speed up Excavation

Here's the latest gimmick from Midtown steakhouse Maloney and Porcelli: the restaurant will host multiple open bar nights if the construction workers overseeing a major six-month excavation on their block hit their deadlines. It's a bizarre but actually kind of cute way of dealing with what will certainly be a six month (or longer) ordeal.

Locals and regulars can sign up to be included in the restaurant's "Construction Club," earning them entry into the open bars planned for June, July, and August. The construction workers are automatically allowed in and if the project ends on November 10 as planned, they all get a free steak dinner.
· Maloney & Porcelli [Official Site]

Maloney & Porcelli

37 East 50th St., New York, NY

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