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Jose Andres: Maybe it was Good That Bruni was Clueless

In the second part of a two part interview between highly acclaimed Spanish chef Jose Andres and LA Weekly restaurant blog Squid Ink, the chef comments that everyone in the industry should be educated—chefs, writers, and also food critics: "You know, when The New York Times puts the food me it was a sad day, because he didn't have a clue about cooking, or the history of cooking, or food." Wait, is he talking about Frank Bruni, a critic who was called out at first for having little background in food but eventually won over much (but not all) of New York readers? That's a yes:

Yeah. Could be a good thing or could be a bad thing, because if he was representing people, maybe it was good that he was clueless. That's good. In the end it's what you think. He became good over the years, but he's like Jonathan [Gold] here. It's the same thing. If he doesn't want to understand this new thing that's happening, he's lost. It's the loss of his readers too, unfortunately.
And he throws LA food world darling Jonathan Gold in there for good measure! It's kind of funny because the Brunmeister had nothing but good things to say about Andres' LA restaurant last March.
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