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FW: Comped Pie Doesn't Make Up for Crowded Seating at Co.

Thank you for visiting the Eater Complaints Department, your unedited platform for voicing poor dining experiences, gross restaurant trends, and general underhandedness. Have grievances? Operators are standing by.

From: [an eater]
Date: Friday, April 9, 2010
To: eater complaints dept.
Subject: Comped Pie Doesn't Make Up for Crowded Seating at Co.


Had dinner last night at Co. Not our first time going. We know to expect to be sitting closer to the people at the tables on either side of us than each other and that the restaurant turns tables quickly. Last night was no exception. We were actually commenting on the fact that we felt particularly rushed when Jim Lahey came over, squeezed in and sat on the bench in between me and the woman sitting at the table to my right. (We had unwittingly sat next to friends of his.) I could literally feel his body heat and each time he gestured he swung his hand in front of my face.

This continued after our food came and, unable to eat due to the discomfort, I quietly complained to our server. I was simply told, “He’s the owner,” to which I responded, “Then he should know better.” My dining partner stopped and talked to the manager on his way back from the bathroom and she was very gracious. She told him that our pizzas would be taken off the bill and apologized profusely. While we appreciated the gesture, we would have preferred to have enjoyed our meal. We went to the restaurant expecting to have a nice dinner and pay for it. Had we known that the seating would be akin to that of a subway bench at rush hour, we would have gone somewhere else. Lahey eventually got up and we were able to eat our meal but the experience was already soiled. The fact that the owner is so oblivious to the comfort of his patrons is astounding. Maybe some “foodies” would have been enamored to be sitting so close to Jim Lahey but I was not. I think it was very rude of him and, despite the gracious reaction of his staff, we will not be returning to Co.


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