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The Ace Takes Auto Tipping a Step Further with Hand Stamp

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2010_03_breslinrec.jpgTwo weeks ago, a reader wrote in about new a mandatory gratuity policy at the Ace Hotel bar. Now every single check, whether it's for two beers or two bottles, includes an 18 percent gratuity, and to make sure customers are aware of the policy, "You're Covered" is stamped on each.

The Ace decided to take it a step further this week. A note in the inbox today:

So I knew ahead of time that I would be automatically charged 18% gratuity at the Breslin....even just grabbing drinks at the lobby bar which is what I was doing. But what I didn’t expect was that my stamp to get into the bar would be a red 18% Gratuity Included stamp in the inside of my wrist. I mean, really, is that necessary?
Hey at least no one can say they've been hoodwinked into tipping twice.

A look at the blurry, half washed off stamp is below.


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The Ace Hotel

20 West 29th St., New York, NY