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Cupcake Truck Pays $135k to Vend by the Met, Wash Sq. Park

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Watch out Cupcake Stop. The News reports today that a new cupcake truck will hit New York's streets in time for summer, and they've won some lucrative parking spots outside the Met and Washington Square Park. Cake & Shake, the new truck launching in Greenwich Village by the end of the month and on the UES by June, is paying the city over $135,000—and that fee will increase every year—for a chance to sling their $3 cupcakes and $5 shakes to the street food loving people of Manhattan. Perhaps the city figures they'll be more successful than the those pesky, defaulting hot dog vendors.

As a bonus, the trucks are powered by solar panels and are offering everything from Whatchamacallit cupcakes to sausage stuffed cakes. Cutting edge! To close, an endorsement from cheeseball Parks commissioner Adrien Benape: "The Big Apple is not only the city that never sleeps - it's also the city that always eats." He praised Cake & Shake "as part of our efforts to diversify outdoor noshing options."
· Cake & Shake bringing cupcakes and milkshakes a la cart to streets [NYDN]
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