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Cops Bust Market Hotel, Another Blow to Todd P

In what comes as no surprise, the cops raided and shut down the Market Hotel on Easter Sunday, closing underground part promoter Todd P's DIY Bushwick music venue in the middle of a concert. According to the Brooklyn Paper, "police had been building a case against the venue . . . for several months, but finally raided the joint after receiving a tip that alcohol was being served without a liquor license." Finally! Todd P. took to his website to tell his patrons:

Market Hotel got into some police trouble. What does this mean? Hard to tell ... For the near future, Market Hotel will go dark, and scheduled events are being relocated. The longterm goal remains as it always has been: to make Market Hotel a licensed community space. Of course money is a challenge, but we have consulted many times with architects / lawyers and it is attainable!"
Shows are being relocated to other Brooklyn venues, but one has to wonder how many more bullets Todd has left in his DIY gun? Might it be time to put some real planning and investment into a venue and try to make it permanent? Probably not.
· Cops shut down ‘illegal’ Market Hotel in Bushwick [Brooklyn Paper]
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Market Hotel

1142 Myrtle Av.e, Brooklyn, NY