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BaoHaus Owner Would Like to Create the Taiwanese Rao's

Outspoken chef Eddie Huang, owner of the new hit sandwich shop BaoHaus, blogs about how his new venture CrackHaus will be a refuge from the B&T crowds that are currently ruining the Lower East Side:

Crackhaus, Im sure is going to attract a lot of people outside the neighborhood, but I’m trying to establish an abrasive enough vibe so that they come once, try the food, and feel uncomfortable enough not to come back. Like all those yelpers that complain about our music and service at Baohaus, they don’t come back and its awesome! This is the goal! Could we be the Taiwanese Rao’s (where regulars own seats) down the line? I hope so..
Sounds like the perfect business model.
· Make Crack Like This [Fresh Off the Boat via The Low Down]


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