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The Guy Who Almost Named his Hamptons Resto Dogwinkle

Yesterday Hamptons restaurant blogger Bruce Buschel penned an amusing piece about the trials of choosing a restaurant name. Southfork and Fish were too hard to Google, Tarragon was off putting to some, Catchword, Blue Run, Drift Iron, Dogwinkle, Aquavore, Dayboat, The Catch, and Lantique all got tossed:

Once you start searching for a name, no syllable is exempt, no concept far-fetched, be it a lucky number, a movie, a weather forecast, an ingredient, a pun, a family pet. You are hooked. You walk around muttering Azure and Littleneck and Starfish and L.I.E. (Long Island Eatery) and Fluke. You jot down names at red lights: Ambersand and Bettina and Steel Pier and Lure and Latitude. And they all sound good. Until the light turns green.
It takes him two years to come up with a name, and in the end he pretty much chooses the name he started with.
· Stick a Fork in the Name Game [Start-Up Chronicle via Curbed Hamptons]