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Nightlife Kingpin Eric Milon Returns to New York With Covet

Was it just two years ago that Eric Milon, the former model turned Miami nightlife kingpin, set his sights on New York City? If you recall, the Opium group honcho tried to capture the hearts and minds of New York club-goers by bringing Miami's Mansion to the former Cro-bar space on 27th Street. Nice idea, but horrible timing and execution. Mansion opened just as the world was falling apart and 27th Street was dying, and New Yorkers didn't exactly go for the disjointed design and Miami party ethos. Less than a year and $3 million dollars later, Milon and Mansion went bye-bye, walking away from the club and fleeing back to the soft embrace of Miami's silicone bosom. Until now. Eric Milon is coming back to New York, and this time, it's in Midtown!

Milon has taken over the former Azza space on E. 55th Street and has transformed it into Covet, described as a "chic upscale restaurant and cocktail lounge offering guests a modern and elegant escape from the hustle and bustle of Midtown Manhattan." Food is being handled by John Keller and specialty cocktails by Orson Salicetti. Covet is Milon's own baby, not Opium Group, although there were rumors they have been looking for opportunities here. But the space was trouble for Azza and Fizz before it, and these upscale places always seem to have trouble this far uptown. Friends and family is Wednesday before a public opening at the end of the week. Let's hope things go smoother this time around.
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137 East 55th St., New York, NY