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'Swich Switches up its Lunch Game in FiDi and Chelsea

A few tipsters have written in over the last two weeks to mention the temporary shuttering of 'Swich, a gourmet panini shop in Chelsea and FiDi. But no worries, fans. Owner John Gargiulo tells Eater today that the shops are reopening this week with a completely new concept (FiDi opened today, Chelsea tomorrow). Gone are the most of the signature paninis—"it just took too long. I always wondered why Murray's Bagel would refuse to toast your bagel. Now I know why"—the prices have been cut significantly, a new line of sandwiches have been introduced (see the new menu here), and they've adopted the Subway/Chipotle assembly line model of sandwich making to speed up the process and display their local ingredients. The design has been updated and "we lost the too thin communal table at 8th Ave. and 15th St. (too much awkward knee-touching) and got regular two and four tops." Just a little FYI LunchWire for the fans out there.
· 'Swich Wholesome Sandwich Company [Official Site]


83 Maiden Lane, New York, NY