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Angry Neighbors Take Snack Taverna Fight to the Streets

The residents of Morton and Bedford Streets have taken action against the owners of neighborhood spots Snack and Snack Taverna, who are in the midst of construction on a new restaurant—BarCar—directly across the street from their sophomore establishment.

Recently, neighbors have put up angry signage near the plywooded space on 60 Bedford, making accusations of a rumored 2 AM closing time, intentions to take over the beloved laundromat next door, and a cover-up involving the tearing down of said angry signage. In response, the Snack team has posted individual written responses to each missive explaining their plans.

Owner Adam Greene says that he's proposed meeting with residents in an open forum, but his offers have been turned down. "They've said they simply don't want a restaurant in this space, but the community board is on our side." Greene also pointed out that he and his partners have acquiesced with almost all of the complainers' grievances, including scaling back their closing hours to the 11 PM curfew, which other restaurants in the nabe adhere to.

What of his new project? At 18 seats, the new space will be slightly larger than Snack Taverna, and will open for breakfast at 9 AM. As another concession, there will also be free wi-fi. Signage indicates they hope to open by mid-July.
—Zachary Feldman


60 Bedford St., New York, NY