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Andre Balazs To Take Boom Boom Room Private?

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Hearkening back to the private equity boom of the previous decade, is Standard Hotel owner and global playboy Andre Balazs about to take his public lounge private by turning the Boom Boom Room into a members-only club? According to a weekend report in Page Six, "regulars at the top-floor lounge have been buzzing about it going the way of Soho House or the Core Club." The irony is that the Boom Boom basically is a private club, featuring one of the toughest doors in New York's nightlife.

If there are valued customers or Friends of Andre (like Madge over there) who are running into trouble while trying to buy $12 beers, it seems preferable to give the door staff a refresher course rather than passing out ID badges. While it may please some VIPs, making the club private could ultimately alienate the younger set who could abandon the pleasure palace permanently. Even though the room is gorgeous, an evening there can be rather hit or miss.
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The Standard Hotel

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