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Graydon Carter Once Was/Is Now Considering Taking Fedora

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Today, The Feed hears a rumor that Waverly Inn's Graydon Carter is teaming up with hotel team Eric Goode and Sean MacPherson to take over Village old timer and Who Goes There vet Fedora. Though a move like this would probably make Brooks of Sheffield very, very sad, it's not totally far-fetched. Owner Fedora Dorata is getting on in her years (over 90) and could pull in some extra rent by allowing in a new operator—she owns the building.

But before everyone gets too excited (or mopey) about another Waverly Inn or Minetta type restaurant renewal project, note that it's not in any way a sure thing. MacPherson's people tell Eater that they are not involved in the space at all, and the phone at the 60 year-old Fedora has gone unanswered this afternoon. However, Graybee baby is still considering it. His reps tell TONY: “Graydon took a look at [Fedora] with Emil Varda from the Waverly, but he’s not sure what his plans are.
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