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S'Nice, Le Gamin, Buka, Otarian, and More Certified Open

1) Soho: The Soho location of sandwich shop S'Nice opened on Tuesday.
Status: Certified Open; 150 Sullivan St., 212-253-5405.

2) Upper West Side: Prime KO, the Japanese kosher Upper West Side steakhouse from the owners Solo, is now officially open. From the press materials: "Prime KO Executive Chef Makato Kameyama, previously of Prime Grill, has created an authentic Japanese menu of steak, fish, and sushi dishes. A five-course omakase menu is available for $75.00. Menu highlights include Hijiki Seaweed and Mizuna Greens salad, Crispy Rice Sliders with Spicy Tuna...and Japanese classics like Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki." Status: Certified Open; 217 West 85th St., 212-496-1888.

3) Clinton Hill: Brownstoner reports that Buka, a West African restaurant and bar, opened on the Southern end of Clinton Hill last week. Status: Certified Open; 946 Fulton St., Brooklyn.

4) Lower East Side: 200 the revamp of 200 Orchard soft opened last week but is now officially open to the public. They offer some TVs, a panini press, and a slew of beers. Status: Certified Open; 200 Orchard St., 212-253-2235

5) Greenpoint: Brownstoner brings word that the Le Gamin is Greenpoint is finally officially open. It was operating for awhile with the help of its food truck outside, but now the kitchen is up and working, and it's functioning like a real live restaurant. Status: Certified Open; 108 Franklin Ave., Brooklyn.

6) Clinton Hill: Clinton Hill Blog reports that Andy's restaurant in Clinton Hill has been replaced by Mega Bites. Status: Certified Open; 245 DeKalb Ave., Brooklyn.

7) Midtown: Zagat reports that the second branch of veggie friendly chain Otarian has opened in Midtown. Status: Certified Open; 927 Eigth Ave., 212-489-3270.

Prime KO

217 West 85th St., Ne York, NY