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Like A Good Neighbor, Lit Lounge Is There

The owners of East Village bar and venue Lit got an earful of complaints about noise and unruly patrons smoking on the street when they appeared before Community Board 3 in March to propose a new venture. So like a good neighbor, Lit's owners Erik Foss and David Schwartz have taken steps to address their neighbors concerns, telling EV Grieve that they have hired extra security to handle the outdoor smokers, installed additional soundproofing, put limits on the sound system, and improved safety related signage in the bar. They have even posted fliers on the adjacent buildings with their cell phone numbers so neighbors can call them directly with sound complaints, a nice gesture that could lead to some fun late night conversations when the DJ puts Just Like Heaven on at 3 AM. It's so nice to see everyone get along.
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Lit Lounge

93 Second Ave., New York, NY