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Jane Ballroom Gets Approval To Reopen

It's about to get interesting on Jane Street, as the Jane Ballroom has finally been granted a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy as an eating and drinking establishment with a capacity of 345 people, paving the way for the Ballroom to reopen. The City Room reports that owners Eric Goode and Sean MacPherson worked diligently to correct the violations that were handed down after the space was raided last October, and have come up with a plan to prevent patrons from queuing on Jane Street, which will hopefully keep noise to a minimum. These ideas sound pretty familiar! The Jane's Matt Kliegman confirms the story, saying that the Ballroom will reopen soon and that new operating policies will lead to a much kinder and gentler Jane.

But what about all of those cabs that really drove the neighbors crazy? The taxi traffic that flowed down Jane Street last summer and fall were the real bane of the Jane Street Block Association's existence, as one neighbor even suggested laying down in the street to prevent cabs from turning onto Jane Street. A doorman from another venue previously told us that the problem could be easily corrected with a door policy that either quickly lets people inside or lets them know that "it's not going to happen tonight", and they should move on to another location. The doorman explains that customers who know they aren't getting in will stop showing up, minimizing traffic and noise on the street. Sounds like a solid rationale, especially for us, since we've heard our banishment is still in place!
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The Jane Hotel and Ballroom

113 Jane St., New York, NY 10014