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Time Out Gives Highest Possible Rating to ABC Kitchen

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Time Out NY has awarded five stars, the mag's highest honor since it dropped that ridiculous sixth star last year, to Jean-Georges Vongerichten's restaurant inside a furniture store. Sure it's no Sifton rave—we hear he is filing on JGV's spot The Mark soon, so he could do a Vongerichten twofer—but the five spot for ABC Kitchen does count for something. Writes critic Jay Cheshes:

...the cooking, based on the most gorgeous ingredients from up and down the East Coast, delivers one message above all: Food that’s good for the planet needn’t be any less opulent, flavorful or stunning to look at. It’s haute green cuisine.
Perhaps it's not just a vanity project for the mega restaurateur. We'll see what the others have to say when they weigh in.
· ABC Kitchen [TONY]

abc kitchen

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ABC Kitchen

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