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Chipotle-Like Pasta Chains Plan New York City Invasion

The Wall Street Journal brings news today of two new fast food pasta chains that are about to hit Manhattan. First up, Hello Pasta, a project from Laurent Lesort (brother to Frederick) that will open the first of 10 planned storefronts on Lexington between 54th and 55th this June. A month later, the first U.S. location of French pasta chain Nooï will open 13 blocks away. What will these chains be like? "Think Chipotle, only made-to-order varieties of pasta with myriad sauces, ready to go in a carton in several minutes." Oh and this, "Our goal is to be the Starbucks or Pinkberry of pasta," said a Hello Pasta partner.

Meanwhile, The Robs report that chef Sara Jenkins upcoming East Village Italian restaurant will focus on "simple, crowd-pleasing pastas."
· Fast-Food Pasta Hits N.Y. [WSJ]
· Hello Pasta [Official Site]

Hello Pasta

649 Lexington Ave., New York, NY