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Chipotle-Like Pasta Chains Plan New York City Invasion

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The Wall Street Journal brings news today of two new fast food pasta chains that are about to hit Manhattan. First up, Hello Pasta, a project from Laurent Lesort (brother to Frederick) that will open the first of 10 planned storefronts on Lexington between 54th and 55th this June. A month later, the first U.S. location of French pasta chain Nooï will open 13 blocks away. What will these chains be like? "Think Chipotle, only made-to-order varieties of pasta with myriad sauces, ready to go in a carton in several minutes." Oh and this, "Our goal is to be the Starbucks or Pinkberry of pasta," said a Hello Pasta partner.

Meanwhile, The Robs report that chef Sara Jenkins upcoming East Village Italian restaurant will focus on "simple, crowd-pleasing pastas."
· Fast-Food Pasta Hits N.Y. [WSJ]
· Hello Pasta [Official Site]

Hello Pasta

649 Lexington Ave., New York, NY

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