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FW: Why Couldn't Luger Just Let me in for a Sundae?

Thank you for visiting the Eater Complaints Department, your unedited platform for voicing poor dining experiences, gross restaurant trends, and general underhandedness. Have grievances? Operators are standing by.

From: [an eater]
Date: Friday, April 23, 2010
To: eater complaints dept.
Subject: Why Couldn't Luger Just Let me in for a Sundae?


Last Thursday at about 10:15 I wanted to treat my wife and our two friends to the special hot fudge cream sundae at Peter Luger. We show up and the main rush is over but there are still several full tables with people eating steak. Steak, not coffee. It's not like they were anywhere near closing for the night. Their security guard rushes out and says they are closed. And I say, closed? But most of the tables are full. And then he asks if we have a reservation. Who makes a reservation for dessert? He wouldn't allow us in.

I would understand them not letting us in if they were full or if they were really closing, but what harm would it have done to let some locals get four sundaes?

Peter Luger Steak House

178 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211 (718) 387-7400 Visit Website

Peter Luger

178 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY