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Superdive Plans to Leave East Village for Murray Hill, LES

It's clear that curious bar Superdive is vacating the East Village after a tumultuous ten month stay, but where will it be going? Well first of all, while they negotiate a sale, the owners "will have a month long blowout" and are considering switching around the signage to say DEEP VIRUS for the last week before taking it down for good. Of course.

But oh, the Superdive letters will rise again. Owners reveal they are in final negotiations on a space on Third Avenue in the 30's and another down on the LES that is "bigger and more heavily trafficked." Those Murray Hill bros will probably appreciate SD's keg party ethos more than these East Village NIMBYs anyway.
· For Rent Sign May Signal End for Superdive [~ENY~]


200 Ave. A, New York, NY 10009