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Neil Ferguson Confirmed to be Out at Soho House

Sources close to the MePa private club Soho House tell Eater that its chef of one and a half years Neil Ferguson, is on his way out, adding that he will leave "any day now." While it would be unfortunate for the club to lose its big name chef so short into his tenure—and note, these rumors are in no way confirmed—it's no huge surprise that a talent like Ferguson is considering moving on.

The British chef first made his name by grabbing two stars at Gordon Ramsay at the London and then another two at the once promising Allen & Delancey before settling for the security and the steady paycheck of the Soho House. Perhaps he's finally itching to get back into the spotlight at a relevant and reviewable restaurant.

We are still awaiting official word from reps, but any inside intel can be sent this way.
Update: From Ferguson's PR: "Chef Neil Ferguson is stepping down as Executive Chef at Soho House New York at the end of May in order to pursue his own project. Neil’s replacement has yet to be named."
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Soho House

29 9th Ave., New York, NY 10014