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For Rent Sign May Signal The End For Superdive

Potentially tragic but not all too surprising news this afternoon: a For Rent sign has been posted outside the eternally curious Superdive and trash fills its sidewalk. This is just the latest and probably the final twist in the ten month history of the East Village bar that has offered customers kegs, beer pong, all you can drink Champagne bashes, and of course, a midget.

Already reeling from a DOB vacate order, Superdive recently limited its days of operation to Friday and Saturday, and twice flirted with transferring its liquor license in front of the community board. The bar promised expanded spring hours in early May, but that's not looking so likely now.

The landlord confirmed the space is on the market but didn't say whether or not the 'Dive is vacating. We await comment from the bar's management, but word on the street is that a prayer vigil will be taking place at St. Marks Church at 5 PM today.
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