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And Now, Live Chicks Frolicking in a Liquor Store Window

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Above, see a reader shot of T&N Wine and Liquors on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint. Live baby chicks frolicking amongst bottles of 40-proof polish vodka? Adorable. Just recently, a reader of nostalgia blog Lost City was mentioning a similar stunt Brooklyn Union Gas back in the 70's, adding "If anyone is wondering why there are so many nostalgic blogs for 'the old New York', there used to be a lot of cool things like this." Aw. Mister, there still are.

Click over to NY Shitty for more pictures—and video!—and the reveal of what will happen to these chickies once Easter is over.
· Spotted At T & N Wine & Liquor: Chicks & Bunnies [NYS via Racked NY]

T&N Wine & Liquor

983 Manhattan Ave., Brooklyn, NY