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In-N-Out: Isn't This Enough Proof You Need to be In NY?

If yesterday's elaborate In-N-Out hoax (for those who missed it, see the run down here) taught the world anything, it's that New Yorkers are desperate for a little Animal Style. Desperate. Tortured. Readers wrote in with unfettered excitement, media outlets rang up burger experts to predict how they would fare against Shake Shack, the Twitters went wild.

Some commenters went to great lengths to tell East Coasters that it's really no big thing, that we should be happy with Five Guys, Goodburger, Burger Heaven, Shake Shack. But the majority of responses went along these lines:

"Meanest prank ever. EVER."
"Cruel Cruel Cruel."
"Terrible... I want me a double double so bad it hurts. I hate you prankster."
"Not generally in favor of state-sanctioned torture and extra-judicial detention, but for a cruel hoax like this, I might make an exception."
"This is the kind of April Fool's joke that ends with someone getting stabby. Not funny you fucknuggets."

Now, followers of the brand know exactly why the cultishly loved and strangely religious SoCal chain has yet to come to the East Coast. It's company policy to keep every single location—and there are 240—within a day's driving distance from the company's headquarters and meat source in Irvine, California.

Fine. But In-N-Out: Enough. it's time to open a new East Coast HQ and warehouse. The people want, nay, demand it. And that whole rumor that they'll never open a store a plane ride away because one-time President and In-N-Out heir Rich Snyder died in a plane crash is hokum. If the Shack can expand to the Middle East, anything is possible.
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