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Booze Police Strike Again, Move Against Liquor Popsicles

The Liquor Popsicles at East Village vegetarian restaurant Counter were a big hit last summer with everyone except for the SLA, which fined the restaurant $1,000 for serving a frozen, infused drink that was not made in a machine. The restaurant told Off the Presses, "in NY state liquor has to be made from the bottles that it comes in. Premade drinks are illegal, premade sangria is illegal, infusions of any kind are illegal. Frozen drinks are legal as long as they're made in a machine. Liquor laws are Prohibition laws. We got caught because the Popsicles got a ton of press." Remembering Pegu Club's earlier trouble with the use of raw eggs, OTP Robert Simonson wisely wonders if "the 21st-century cocktail renaissance flowered either in complete ignorance or through impudent flouting of the law of the land?" Perhaps SLA savior Dennis Rosen will revisit this topic as he continues to reform the authority, since it's clear that while technically illegal, delicious concoctions like a Liquor Pop are clearly good for society.
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