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Alma Lounge Is The Nightclub South Williamsburg Deserves

If you take Pies N' Thighs' reopening, the epic launch of Fatty Cue, the opening of long awaited cocktail den Dram Bar, and the rumored Taavo Somer pizza project, you realize this is the Spring of South Williamsburg. But the cherry on top is the surprise opening of Alma, a new lounge that Gothamist reports is "equipped with velvet ropes, a red carpet, and what appears to be a thick haze of Axe body spray." Hey O! And for all the ladies out there, Alma wants you to know that every Friday is both Hookah Night AND Ladies Night, where every group of five ladies to show up before midnight gets a free bottle of Goose. South Burg represent! Awwwwwwwwwwwww yeah!
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Alma Lounge,

229 Roebling St., Brooklyn, NY