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Check Out New York's Wackiest Looking Barbecue Joint

Curbed runs photos today of the crazy looking building above that boasts multi-colored glass windows, rough hewn clapboards, and golden wood, all in an area dominated by glass and steel. Why Eater readers should take note: It's a "fanciful new facade for foodies." Turns out Rakesh Aggarwal, owner of the once ill-fated Devi (which closed and later reopened under new ownership), is behind the venture and plans on opening Smokehouse BBQ. It's unclear exactly when they plan to open (back in Feb it was "in two weeks"), but Curbed notes that they're already applying for booze and a flashing double sided sign.

And on the menu? A Scouting New York commenter has more: "Yes, it is in fact Smokehouse BBQ, with multi regional Barbecue fare from all over the country? 3 Old Hickory smokers will be the workhorses that produce everythnig from pulled pork, brisket, pork ribs, beef back ribs, beef short plate ribs, tri-tip, hanger steaks, skirt steak, salmon ,turkey, pork loin, to aligator."
Update: We added an update about Devi. It reopened under new ownership after Aggarwal closed it. Apologies commenters.
· Times Square Fairy Tale House Unveiled [Curbed]

Smokehouse BBQ

249 West 49th St., New York, NY