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New Menu, Expansion Plans, Cookbook from the Franks

Those Franks over at the Frankies Spuntino/Prime Meats conglomeration always have something up their sleeves. Let's take the goings on at the empire one at a time:

First, Cafe Pedlar on the LES, the expansion space connected to the original Frankies 17, launched a new breakfast program over a week ago, and folks at the restaurant tell Eater it's been a huge success, drawing in major spillover from Clinton Street Bakery. Take a look at the new menus here (weekend) and here (weekday). And yes, that is a serious egg and cheese sandwich on there.

Next, rumor has it the restaurateurs have nailed down a space in the West Village after considering the area for three years. If all goes well with this new breakfast program perhaps it could be brought out west, along with other Frankies goodies.

Meanwhile, back at Prime Meats in Carroll Gardens, the main dining room to the left of the bar room fully opened last month after about a year's delay. For readers who have written in wondering about the construction on what was once the patio— they're building a new structure. Below ground, a new basement will connect all of the restaurant spaces, while a new dining room with a double high ceiling and vaulted skylights will be built over top to house more diners. It should be complete by this summer.

Over in cookbook land, the first proofs are out of the new Frank Spuntino Kitchen Companion & Cooking Manual, and they look pretty spectacular. While there are some food porn shots, most of the accompanying images of everything from the antipasto plate to the rolling of the pork braciola are Cooks Illustrated-like old school sketchings. Expect more on this—and potential reader giveaways!—when the debut date grows closer. For now, pre-orders can be made here.
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