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Ruth Bourdain Graduates to Lampooning Flo Fab

Not content to simply run a twitter mindmeld of Ruth Reichl and Tony Bourdain, Ruth Bourdain has taken to her Tumblr to lampoon aging New York Times dining section staffer and newly anointed Ms. Manners, Florence Fabricant. Like comedian Gabe Delahaye his his former column for Gawker, the Unethicist, Ms. Bourdain pokes fun at the Times' "reader" questions and the answerer by offering up her own take. Answering a question about trying to treat a rich friend:

Who the fuck are you people? WTF? Just let your rich friend pick up the check and go to town! Marrow bones, foie gras sundaes, black truffle pies - the whole nine yards. Otherwise, if you are footing the bill, you know that you’ll end up splitting appetizers and sharing dessert or some kind of bullshit like that.
To compare, Flo's original answers are here.
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