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Ridiculous Sex and the City Cocktail Promotions Return

Be prepared, New York. The country is just weeks away from yet another Sex and the City movie release, further diminishing our collective intelligence. And what do fans of the series and amazing movies love best? Sex and the City themed cocktails! Duh! Since the original SATC's success was far from certain, the marketing campaign went a bit low brow by targeting commuters with vodka cocktails at the Houlihan's in Penn Station. Then the movie became a counter programming success, and the sequel got the green light. Well, sequels to huge hits don't do Penn Station. This time, the Empire Hotel is paying homage to the aging ladies (a scene was filmed there) with a new batch of SATC cocktails at the lobby bar.

2010_04_ediblebling.jpgThese cocktails were designed by Somer Perez and are meant to "reflect the 'personalities' we've all learned to love and sometimes hate". Unfortunately, they are serious. The cocktails are:

·Carrie Me: Flirty and fresh with a gingery wit and sparkly accessories. This pretty peach stands out from the rest.

· Charlotte’s Twin-Set: A surprisingly adventurous twist belies the preppy-perfect exterior.

· Samantha’s Oral Pleasure: Dangerously delicious, this one is absolutely adults-only.

· Miranda’s Brooklyn Bridge: Two distinctly different worlds layered together, looks a little stormy but somehow it works perfectly.

· John James Preston: Powerful yet unexpectedly sweet, definitely a BIG deal.

· Cosmo “Redux”: The original’s much hotter little sister.

Don't forget about the Edible Bling (pictured), which is metallic multicolored candy balls that float in the drinks.This whole promotion is so Samantha, don't you think? Which drink is most you?
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Empire Hotel

44 West 63rd St., New York, NY