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Following BLT Burger, Cafe Habana Plans NYC Food Truck

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Photo: Kate Blum, Oral Fixation

Now that they've seen how successful food trucks and food carts can be in drumming up both profit and publicity, more established food brands, corporations, restaurant chains, and neighborhood spots have been launching them left and right. Which is why the following news, courtesy of Eater LA, is none too surprising: Sean Meenan, the owner of Cafe Habana in New York and LA and Habana Outpost in Fort Greene, is launching a Cafe Habana food truck.

Meenan didn't reveal where or when the truck will launch, because he's focusing right now on the new Malibu location. But, hey, they can't go wrong with something like that big red re-purposed UPS truck that dominates the Outpost's outdoor patio.
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