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Kobma Thai Shuttered for Obstructing the Work of the DOH

It's not incredibly interesting or surprising that West Village Thai restaurant Kobma Thai on Hudson has been closed by the DOH. What is interesting, however, is the nature of the only violation against the restaurant in its latest Dept. of Health inspection, a violation that cost the it 28 points.

Gangsta! One can only hope this interference involved fisticuffs. Our tipster adds, "Meanwhile the new Mole across the street was recently inspected and racked up 53 points in violations yet oddly remains open..."

Update: From the DOH, "This food service establishment did not allow the inspector to enter the establishment to conduct its initial annual inspection."
Update No. 2: The above violation was from an inspection in March. During the follow up, they failed for violations that included "roach infestation (25 live roaches along the wall below their food prep table in the kitchen and an additional 15 live roaches in other parts of the kitchen); mice infestation (30 mice droppings in the restaurant’s dry food storage area); and conditions conducive to pest and rodent harborage – heavy accumulation of grease and old food particles on their stove, deep fryer and grill and accumulation of old food and debris in the restaurant’s kitchen."
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Kobma Thai

611 Hudson St., New York, NY