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Few are Spared in Cuozzo's Latest Restaurant World Rant

Post curmudgeon Steve Cuozzo uses his column inches this week to file a bevy of complaints against restaurants across town. Instead of fixating on major annoyances "like fame-craving chefs fleeing their kitchens, and the utter abandonment of culinary creativity in favor of 'branding,' this piece is all about his "petty dining-out nuisances." The worst offenders:
· Small plates, Faustina
· Wacky pies, Pulino's, Motorino, The Mark
· Tiny, too-salty snacks, The Breslin, Choptank, Convivio
· Overly long tasting menus, Colicchio & Sons, Eleven Madison Park

Other complaints include overuse of ramps, no salt at the table, the phrase, "Are you enjoying that?", and crap sommeliers. Cuozzo at his best.
· The Gripes of Wrath [NYP]