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Newer, Larger Terroir Location Opens Tonight in Tribeca

24 Harrison St., Tribeca
Phone: 212-625-WINE
Status: Opens tonight at 5 PM

Tonight, wine man Paul Grieco and lauded chef Marco Canora open their new, large Tribeca location of their teeny East Village wine bar, Terroir. The larger space afforded in Tribeca means a larger kitchen, and of course, a more extensive menu with a whole roster of sandwiches, salads, fried foods, and big entrees like lamb, beef, and pork steaks, and veal and ricotta meatballs. Of course the wine here shouldn't be overshadowed. Greico has put together a list in which each bottle represents "an individual expression of the soil from which it was born," and the new location boasts six draft beers and two wines on tap.

The space itself seats 65 and (of course) features two communal tables and a bar.
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Smokey Almonds 3.
Marinated Olives 4.
Pickled Veggies 4.
Seasonal Frittata 4.
Orangey Beets 4.
White Anchovies 4.

Sage Leaves with Lamb Sausage 7.
Saucy Mozzarella Balls 6.
Beet, Gorgonzola Risotto Balls 7.
Red Wine, Oxtail Risotto Balls 7.
Bacalla Balls 7.
Disc O’ Pigs 8.
Funky Beef Balls 7.

salads salads salads
Frisee, Crispy Duck Confit, Shallots 10.
Dandelion Greens, Hard Boiled Egg, Garlic, Bread Crumbs 9.
Arugula, Parmesan, Balsamic 8.
Calamari, Smoked Chick Peas, Celery, Lemon 9.
Farro, Spring Veggies, Herbs 8.

B is for bruscetta
Fett’Unta, 2009 Primo Olio?4
Tomato, Basil, Egg 7.
Chicken Liver 7
Whipped Lardo 6
Tonatto, Celery 7
Bone Marrow Garlic Chives 9.

Terroir Sandwiches!
Meatball 11.
Veal and Peppers 10.
Duck Prosciutto Mushrooms, Stinky Cheese 11.
Roast Pork Rapini, Garlic Aioli 11.
House Smoked Ham Fontina, Mustard 11.
Ruben Russian Dressing 11.
Eggplant Red pepper, Basil, Mozzarella 10.

The Big Stuff:
Bev’s Famous Pork Blade Steak 17.
“Thin Steak” Dry-aged Creekstone Beef 19.
Double Loin steak of Colorado Lamb 15.
Veal and Ricotta Meatballs 17.

Fifty Paces

413 East 12th Street, New York, NY 10009

Terroir Tribeca

24 Harrison Street, Manhattan, NY 10013 (212) 625-9463 Visit Website

Terroir Tribeca

24 Harrison St., New York, NY