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Fallout From Smoking Crackdown: It Worked!

Pat yourself on the back, Department of Health. The recent smoking crackdown in nightclubs seems to have done the trick. A nightlife loving tipster tells Eater, "I've primarily been going out of late to the smaller lounges and have noticed smoking has pretty much halted due to fears of the Health Dept". We've noticed the same thing during recent visits to some venues that were targeted in the crackdown and were virtually smoke free, with staff dedicated to warning patrons who lit up pursuant to the smoking law. But while most venues have taken the necessary steps to become compliant, it seems that some are still behind the times.

Our nightlife loving tipster tells us that a recent visit to Juliet transported them back to the bad days, saying the "place looked like Cub Macanudo with the amount of smoke there. No enforcement, and 1out of every 2 people were smoking all over the place. I came home smelling like a chimney. Was very surprising, from what I'm told, that's the norm." Contributing to their woes, our tipster also reports that the "music was not good, and service was abominable." All in all, it sounds like they had an excellent night with Jon B. and Todd English.
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