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Gael Greene's Sexy Food Escapades to Become Starz Series

Variety is reporting that the second rate premium channel Starz is developing an hour-long series based on veteran New York restaurant critic Gael Greene and her 2006 memoir Insatiable: Tales from a Life of Delicious Excess. For anyone who's read the book, that means plenty of sexytime with chefs and restaurateurs, movie stars and porn stars, with some food reviewing mixed in for color.

Says Greene: "Today in this food-obsessed moment with untold thousands of bloggers forking away, it is difficult to imagine what power restaurants critics and New York magazine had in those decades. And what fun." When the idea of a Greene show first came up last May, the critic said she hoped Uma Thurman would play her. Probably not for Starz darlin,' but who knows—food world roles are in these days.
· Starz gets 'Insatiable' [Variety via Eater National]