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Fancy Schmancy Artisan Coffee Makes its Way Uptown

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Luke's Lobster isn't the only newcomer changing the culinary scene of the Upper East Side. Two weeks ago a new coffee shop called Luna Espresso opened in the old Dunkin' Donuts space on 82nd and 1st Ave., and a local writes it today to say it's the real deal:

They have two Clover machines in there and a La Marzocco espresso machine, too. Clearly not your typical UES digs...there's really nothing else like it uptown...The only thing I can think of uptown is maybe Joe on the west side, but they don't have Clovers, or maybe Via Quadronno near Madison, but that's a totally different thing...Not sure if there are enough coffee geeks in that area just yet, but I'm going back for sure and am pretty excited about it.
Actually, a look at the interactive map that accompanied the recent Times article about the growth of "third wave" coffee shops in Manhattan, reveals pretty much all of the best spots are downtown and in Brooklyn. So, it looks like a needed addition. Been in? Leave feedback in the comments.
· Luna Espresso [Yelp]

Luna Espresso

1593 1st Ave., New York, NY