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Not Dead Yet: Superdive Promises New Spring Hours

Strange things have been going down at the legendary, erratic, always curious East Village keg bar Superdive these past few months. First the place was put up for sale, then the Mad Dog basement got shut down by the City, and finally the Keg Master decided to take his game to South America. The biggest issue has been the restricted hours of operation, which forces the bar to close very early some nights and stay closed entirely for others, with patrons not knowing the deal until arriving at the door.

But they aren't quite giving up yet. New signage announces the bar is only open on Fridays and Saturdays until 2 AM but that expanded "Spring Hours" are promised starting May 3, two weeks after Superdive is supposed to appear before Community Board 3. Most likely, these expanded hours will include the much anticipated "SUPER backyard," "SUPER Frozen Drinks," and "SUPERNESIAN Bowl Drinks."
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200 Ave. A, New York, NY 10009