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KFC Double Down Monstrosity Sold Out on Staten Island

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Sam Sifton isn't the only New Yorker enjoying a sodium-infused breadless KFC Double Down sandwich today. BBC is on the scene, as is The Awl, Salon, Always Hungry, and other media folks and curious lunchers. So far, there have been no reports of obscene lines from ground zero—midtown Manhattan—but things aren't looking so rosy out on the oft-overlooked borough of Staten Island. From the tipline:

Sent a intern for 10 Double Downs 20 mins for my team. Just got a call from him saying sold out? WTF? LOL?KFC Staten Island.
Sad. But, Staten Island, you can punish yourself with a gross novelty foodstuff when the KFC restocks.

Now, hopefully, back to our regularly scheduled program of restaurant news.
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