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A Sneak Peek at St. Anselm and its Beer Battered Brains

[Jessica Lin]

If all goes well, next week St. Anselm, the new restaurant from the owner of Williamsburg's beloved Spuyten Duvil (a bar) and Fette Sau (a barbecue spot), will open to the public after a few months of delays. By the looks of the menu, it will be an exercise in adventurous—and these days, trendy—eating, what the manager is already calling a "foodie hotspot."

There will be a menu of hot dogs made by pro dog makers from Anselm's recipes (a highlight is a deep fried dog stuck in pizza bread). Sausages will all be made in house, White Manna style burgers will grace the menu, and daily blue plate specials include Yankee pot roast, oxtail with chili, and neck bones a la Venitian. A "nasty bits" section features foie gras pierogies, marrow poppers, beer battered brain, veal heart steak, and more. And to drink on tap, expect four beers, one cider, one root beer, and one red and one white wine. Wine is to be served in flask decanters and drafts in large beakers.

The spot is located right by its sister operations and just steps away from newcomers Saltie and Cupcakeland, a few blocks from cocktail hotspot Rye, and across the street from the new Stephen Tanner restaurant going into the old Black Betty space. Foodie hotspot indeed!
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—Reporting by Jessica Lin

St. Anselm

355 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211 (718) 384-5054 Visit Website

St. Anselm

355 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn, NY