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Florent Morellet Joins the Ranks of Community Board 2

Just yesterday a commenter in a nostalgic thread on Diner's Journal was lamenting the loss of Florent, the iconic Meatpacking District restaurant that closed in the summer of '08, writing, "I miss Florent, and find myself tearing up everytime I pass its former location." Which makes Florent fans wonder...What is that ebullient gay Frenchman, Florent Morellet, up to these days?

Luckily The Villager has an update: "Among Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s new C.B. 2 appointees are Florent Morellet (right) the legendary Meat Market restaurateur, who is also a preservationist and cycling activist; and playwright Robin Rothstein." With any luck he'll serve on the SLA Licensing committee to provide a sympathetic ear to new restaurant and nightlife applicants.
· Chairman of the boards [The Villager]