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Nevada Smith's Customers Petition To Save Bartender's Job

There is outrage among loyal patrons after Nevada Smith's fired two popular bartenders over large fines the bar was charged with for allowing underage drinking. In a somewhat questionable move, Nevada's owners asked the four regular bartenders to either help pay or lose their jobs. Two paid and two were let go. Now Nevada Smith's regulars are outraged and have started an online petition for "Kieron and Ken to be reinstated at Nevada Smiths", collecting 257 signatures as of this morning. Some of the signers have included some passionate statements about what Kieron and Ken mean to Nevada Smith's and its patrons. We chose a few to share.

· Sad story, but an ego can't be that big, not to understand that we want Kieron and Ken back, they are Nevadas, we are Nevadas! If they're gone, I am gone!

· Paddy you have to see that your cutting Nevadas off at the knees here if your getting rid of Ken and Kieron. If people are serious about walking and they leave in numbers then that is going to end up costing you more than 10k. Your a businessman you must see the sense in what is being said you by a large number of the regulars.

· Started watching footie at Nevada's in the 1999.. I think ..with a rag-tag bunch of ex-pats and watched it become the most famous football pub in America if not the world...My mate Keiron was an integral part of that growth and its a shame to see it all come to a whole over the years we the football fans spent a whole lot of money at Nevada's and I think if we band together we can see that Kenny and Keiron get the vindication that they are due

· I have never heard of something stupid in my life. The owners or who ever fired these gentleman should be ashamed of themselves. Nevada Smith's has thrieved of the loyalty of it's various supporter groups. It is clear that the bars structure is based on a doorman as a screener and that bartenders are solely responsble for generating the abundant revenue that bar has consistantly expected. As far as I'm concerned I'm all for a full and organized boycott of your establishment until management has come to thier senses and reinstated these to hard working and loyal followers and supporters of the beautiful game.

How many other bars and bartenders in New York would illicit this outpouring of emotion? Let's hope the two sides can figure this one out.

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Nevada Smith's

74 3rd Ave, New York, NY