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The Genius of Momofuku's FOH Policies Exposed

A note from a tipster today: "MaPeche may be up and running, but working there is like going to hell, and how Asia de Cuba is that table? here is an email that is being sent out to all staff about things that the FOH can work on."

The following email, which we suggest you read in full, is basically an epic missive on how to be the perfect MomoWorker, covering everything from words and phrases to avoid ("never say 'are you done enjoying that'"; "We don’t say famous, signature, baby, micro, housemade") to runner etiquette ("Standardize plateau drop technique") and door policy ("Review facebook!"). The tipster believes the email proves that it's hell working here, but as a casual observer it's pretty amazing, a proof that team Momo is not taking this opening lightly.

So to all cute, tatted up young things who think they can show up with a wine key and a pen and succeed as a member of the FOH staff at Ma Peche, think again.


-Table consistency, plate, mise, glass alignment, make sure it’s on point

-Chops always bevel up on setting

-Check all menus, make sure they are not soiled, look good, correct

-Make sure lounge table set up is consistent

-X table is always: Alpha, Beta, Delta, Charlie followed by seat #

-Make sure all tables are level


-Food menu will now be dropped w/ bev menu
-Stay on top of your mise! Runners shouldn’t have to wait for you to mise. Backwaiters should be anticipating. New sheet will be distributed Thursday.
-When dropping a wet nap be sure to explain what it is
-Always visually check in with guests within seconds of food dropping, but there’s no point in asking them how they are doing if you can see they haven’t even tried the food yet.
-Do not say “enjoy” after everything. Also never say “are you done enjoying that”
-Stay away from “signature” dish speak

-Don’t automatically go into dish recommendations, ask questions, feel your table out they may already know what they want

-Don’t be afraid to return to a table without their drinks if you have questions

-No “how is everything” unless dish is not finished

-MUST mention 86’d items when menu is dropped

-Careful with the amount of space on the table, course, buss accordingly

-When a guest order the rose be sure to ask: Sparkling? Or Red hook?

-We don’t say famous, signature, baby, micro, housemade

-Get three major identifiers down for all beverage description?
-Wine color, body, nose, palate, etc., just make it simple and you won’t trip over yourself.
Color: rusty, garnet, plum
Body: light, acidic, tannic, full
Nose: earthy, fruit forward, floral (not flowery)
Palate: currant, tropical fruit, honey
-We are putting a wine and cocktail food pairing sheet together, will distribute
-Servers need to practice pouring wine. We will practice with water.

-Practice wine pouring over and around guests.
-DO NOT rest wine neck on rim of glass when pouring.
-Pour a taste, pour the other guests, then don’t forget to pour a glass for the taster!
-BASIC cocktail knowledge? A margarita can be on rocks, or up, with/without salt. A martini can be dry, dirty, with olives, etc.
-Virgin Non alc key added to pos

-Wipe down bev trays
-No cocktail naps in dining room

-Drop dishes more closely together to save physical table space and keep tables on course.
-Don’t move share plates, or any part of the table with the actual plate you’re dropping. Don’t bump glassware
-Runners should get together and ALL recite drop lines together. In fact, everyone should recite drop lines together.

-Drop all dishes before offering drop lines

-Everyone should be watching for runners to help them even if not your section

-Standardize plateau drop technique. See your captain for demo.

-Make sure marker for asking tables about water is clear. If beverage menu is down, they have already been asked.
-Keep water glasses on the right of the plate, even after filling and close to guest not 2ft away
-Keep wine glasses on right of water glasses for each guest.
-Make a visual square of the tabletop and stick to it? Nothing outside the dotted lines. Maybe even blue tape a square before service and get them in the habit?
-Check on dishwasher for cleanliness of glassware.
-Wobble wedges should not take 3 people to install.
-Don’t invade next tables space

-2 trips are acceptable

-Do not overfill water, wait until glass is half empty

-Coat Check:

-Don’t ask guests if they want their coats checked

-If they ask you for coat check: “yes I can check that for you”

-Hand guest coat check ticket

-Seat the guest

-Take their coat/bag to coat check, hang

-Review wheelchair access procedure w/ Colby
-Closest hand washing station to hosts is in the mezz.
-Review facebook!
-There will be designated host positions. Runner, seater, floater
-PX slips should go to main and raw bar passes, bar, mgr
-We are working on a host communication protocol, will distribute. Need consistency here.

-Will hosts clear 4th place setting on a four top when seating a three? Host will change the position of the chops on the setting from diagonal to horizontal. This will be signal to server/ backwaiter that the setting can be removed, this should be done after guests have been seated

-Sidework sheets will be posted in service stations

-Opening/ Closing duties will be assigned by MOD per shift


-Lose the blinders, scan your section, scan everything as you walk by

-Communicate with your floor manager, captain, backwaiter. Use hand gestures and eye contact

-Notify each other when stepping off the floor, help out in other sections

-Don’t cluster fuck passage ways, always say behind, stepping in, corner

-No pointing

-Aisles of motion, define clear pathways

-“Excuse my reach”

-No phones on the floor, grounds for dismissal

-Communicate the pace of diners

-Please make sure your white shirts are ironed, make sure your aprons are tied appropriately


Thanks guys!


Got all that?
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