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Thomas Beisl Hits the Market as Longtime NY Chef Moves On

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A Prudential Elliman listing reveals that Thomas Beisl, the seven year-old Austrian restaurant across from BAM—a go-to pre and post shows, not so much in between—is on the market for a fairly moderate $4,500 a month. While the listing may only seem compelling to BAM regulars and restaurateurs in the market for a big, bright space in Fort Greene, New York restaurant history buffs should take note as well.

The space is (soon to be 'was') the first and only restaurant owned by Thomas Ferlesch, who was the youngest chef to receive four stars from the New York Times for his work at Vienna '79 back in 1981. He then moved on to run the show at Cafe des Artistes for 11 years before heading out to Fort Greene to open the casual bistro. Word is the chef is now moving on to work for a restaurant group that hopes to open a new "four star entity" in Manhattan. He wants to sign the deal quickfast so his new spot can open in time for this year's holiday season.
· 25 Lafayette Ave. [Prudential]
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Thomas Beisl

25 Lafayette Ave., Brooklyn, NY