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Vancouver's Japadog Readies to Crush NYC's Street Food Scene

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Jeremiah Moss brings word that Vancouver hot dog stand Japadog, a cart that sells a slew of creatively topped dogs (see right), is setting its sights on New York domination. Inspired by the obscene lines during the Olympics, the owner has decided his vision is ready for a big league debut. And Jeremiah is right on the money with this takeaway:

Knowing New York's current passion for (1) standing in line for trendy food, (2) all things Japanese, (3) adorable, artisanal sidewalk food vendors, and (4) cheap, white-trash food turned into semi-haute cuisine (burgers, cupcakes, bacon, pizza, et al.), I predict that Japadog will be immensely successful here.

He then predicts a brick and mortar set up, an expansion to MePa, and an eventual downfall at the hands of Nolita NIMBYS. But that glorious tale may not even have a chance to come true. Remember, it's an absolute nightmare to get a food vending license in New York, and only time will tell if Japadog can succeed where Kogi before them failed.
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[Photo: Inside Vancouver]

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