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City Seeks Restaurants, Food Carts for Brooklyn Bridge Park

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After two decades of planning, parts of the giant Brooklyn Bridge Park around DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights will open to the public within in the next few months. Lucky for the eaters out there, where there is a multi-million dollar park development, there must be serious food options. Hence, the Parks Department has just put out requests for proposals for four concession spaces within the new park. What's on offer:

1) a mobile food cart for the 130 square foot space inside the Pier 1 gatehouse at the park's main entrance.
2) a mobile food cart for the 2,500 square foot elevated outdoor plaza, beer and wine available.
3) By Pier 6, a "sit-down restaurant with almost 2,000 square feet of interior space, plus outdoor dining space on both the adjoining terrace and the rooftop."
4) Also by Pier 6, a 170 square foot restaurant by the Atlantic Ave. entrance.
The Pier 1 food carts are expected to open by this summer, while the Pier 6 restaurants should be up and running by 2011. Danny Meyer, Wafels & Dinges dude, Le Pain Quotidien, Japadog guy—better get those plans drawn up.
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Brooklyn Bridge Park

Furman and Fulton Streets, Brooklyn, NY