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A Sneak Peek at Blue Bottle, Opening in the Burg Next Week

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Reps for Williamsburg's hotly anticipated outpost of Blue Bottle Coffee bar confirm today that they're on schedule for their big, potentially game changing debut on March 10. As explained in detail by Oliver Strand earlier this week, every drink at the new outpost will be made with incredible precision, with the drip coffee poured by hand in a meticulous process that takes about three to four minutes a cup. The espresso machines are Italian, but the iced coffee slow-drip devices are Japanese. Brewed at 88 drops per minute, the entire process takes 10-12 hours and is made overnight.

Most of the cavernous space will be dedicated to production, with just a standing-room-only counter at the front of the house for the customers. Everything will be roasted and ground in house in a roaster that was installed in the former glass blowing factory three weeks ago. As for the baked goods, they'll be brought in from an outside bakery until Blue Bottle gets its own baking operation underway.
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—Reporting by Thomas Garry

Blue Bottle Coffee

160 Berry St., Brooklyn, NY

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